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Saturday morning cartoons candle

Saturday morning cartoons candle

8 oz or 16 oz candle

Soy wax filled bowl of milk, topped with handmade, wax cereal pieces. All of the  wax is scented including the cereal imbeds.

Each candle is made with Reusable Glassware & Spoon: If you do choose to burn this candle, once it's done, you can re-use the bowl and the spoon!

Once wax melts down a enough for the spoon to be removed, remove the spoon and wipe wax off spoon with paper towel ( do not force spoon out of the wax if it hasn't burned down far enough)

Wash spoon with soap and water and then it can be re-used

Once entire candle is done, pop it in the freezer for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes, pop the remaining wax and wicks out

Wash bowl with soap and water and then it can be re-used.
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